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I help you successfully plan, architect and execute the right software solution

You know how software consultants typically talk on and on about the techniques they like, dropping strange name after strange name, and all the while you wonder how they can possibly prescribe solutions before even properly hearing the problem?

Well, that’s not me.

I want to hear your story, and reeeally go deep! I want to learn about your challenges, feel your pains, understand your grand vision and extract your ideas!

I make sure I really understand what you need, where you’re coming from and where you’re heading!

That’s when I advise you what direction to take. That’s why I get it right when others don’t.

Get in touch and tell me your story

We reached out to Christoffer for help with constructing our “In Case of Emergency” platform. A friend recommended him, and we understand why: he is honest, dependable and very knowledgable. In addition to his high level of expertise, what stood out the most was his deep engagment in the success of the project – way beyond what we expected from a technical partner! It feels so safe to have Christoffer on the project. We could not have found a better consultant! Henrik Piehl, Whenever AB
As a provider of home security solutions, trust in our own suppliers is essential. Our customers demand stability, ease of use, and above all, security. A trusted friend recommended Christoffer. That was more than five years ago! We deeply value our personal relationship and close collaboration. The result is creative, user-friendly and technically reliable, and Christoffer always delivers on time. Niklas Halldén, Run My Security

Hi, I'm Christoffer Lejdborg! I believe software has tremendous potential to transform your business in amazing ways, but people are too focused on the technology instead of the business case.

Some of my clients are very well known, some are not – but I love them all equally.

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