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The client’s guide to acceptance testing

Software projects end with a phase called acceptance testing. The term describes the process of validating and approving software.

The purpose is two-fold:

  1. To validate the software fulfills contracts or specifications
  2. To assure it’s of adequate quality

Typically, clients are responsible for testing software that a consultant has delivered. You may, however, have agreed upon a third party who will do the testing and quality assurance on your behalf.

How to perform an acceptance test

If you’re not used to quality assurance, it may be confusing and hard to know what to test. Quality assurance is an art that’s not be underestimated, but the process itself is easy to explain.

The first thing to do, is check whether the software looks and feels good. It should contain the features specified in the contract and it should be easy to navigate. Check that any visual design is consistent with your brand identity (if applicable).

Systematically work through the entire application ”in good faith”. By that, I mean you should treat the application the way you expect it to work – to make sure it works at least in optimal conditions.

After the ”good faith” test, start trying to break the application by stressing it and entering data it doesn’t expect. Such as:

Use your imagination and mis-behave to your heart’s content!

What to look for

Write down anything that doesn’t perform as expected, and any potential error codes that appear.

What to do if something isn’t as expected

When you find something that’s not as expected – write it down in as much detail as possible. Either send it directly to your consultant, or set up a meeting to go through the feedback together.

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