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Respect your customers – what is data protection really about?

This article is related to the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information, see Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation.

In our digital world, individual privacy is harder than ever to uphold. There’s a common belief that privacy is dead. As service creators and software developers, we have an obligation to treat our clients and customers with respect.

If a person wants to use a product or service, we need to ensure their personal information isn’t handled carelessly, sold or misused. It’s common decency to treat service users as people rather than as data mines.

Profiling users of a service is a powerful way to learn how to improve it. But pseudonymized tracking data should be enough. You need to consider with care what value there is in attaching a person to these profiles.

Recording a user’s screen to analyze their behaviors is common. These recordings offer a valuable alternative to user experience professionals ”looking over the shoulder”. But, caution is essential. The recordings may compromise a user’s privacy or security. Recordings may capture unencrypted private information, credit card details or a password mistakenly entered in the username field.

Tracking services are too easy to add. Spend some time considering the privacy implications, and where to exclude tracking from your service.

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