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What's the upside?

There is a reason you want to kick off that new project. In some cases clearly financial, and easily measured – e.g. ”Automating and perfecting our quality assurance process will save us $XXX,000 per year in reduced returns and repairs”.

In other cases the upside is either further from the money or just hard to quantify, such as in a research and development project. Here the focus is on investigating new areas of business – and before you developed it, there is no way to tell what the upside will be.

Sometimes it’s personal – e.g. ”Streamlining the hiring process means we can delegate it. This will free up the CEO´s time to work on business development”.

Whatever the upside is, it’s important that you spend time defining it. It’s even more important you spend the time to clearly communicate it – to stakeholders and the implementation team.

Because, projects fail when there is ambiguity. If goals are unclear, results can be just about anything – and chances are it’s not what you need.

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Hi, I'm Christoffer Lejdborg! I believe software has tremendous potential to transform your business in amazing ways, but people are too focused on the technology instead of the business case.

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