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On giving effective feedback

Whenever you give feedback, your software consultant needs detailed information. What information is important varies in each case. I teach my clients a very simple framework that’s almost always effective.

How to write an efficient bug report

Whenever you encounter an issue, or become confused, while using the software – try and answer these three questions:

  1. What did you do?
  2. Then, what happened?
  3. What did you expect would happen?


I created a new user account, but forgot to enter my email address (What did you do?).
An error page occurred, referring to the error code ”fa431s” (Then, what happened?).
I expected the form to check my entries and tell me plainly that I had missed to enter an email address. (What did you expect would happen?).

Screenshots are more often than not of tremendous help, especially when the issue is a visual one.

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