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Quick tip: How do I take a screenshot?

On a Mac

To grab a screenshot of the entire screen, press ⇧⌘3 on your keyboard.

In order to capture a specific area on the screen, press ⇧⌘4, and then draw a rectangle of the area you want to capture.

The picture is automatically saved to the Desktop.

On a Windows PC

Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Depending on your keyboard layout, the button may be named PrtScr, PrtScn, Prnt Scrn or Print Scr.

The screenshot is stored in your clipboard, so the next step is to open Paint and press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the screenshot in your Paint document.

Thereafter you can save the picture to any location you wish.

On iPhone or iPad

Simultaneously press the home button and the power button on your iPhone or iPad to capture the screen.

The image is stored in the “Photos” app on your device.

On Android

Simultaneously press the power button and the "voulume down" button to capture the screen.

The image is stored in the “Gallery” app on your device.

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