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”Doing the right things” vs ”doing things the right way”

Doing a task well does not mean it was worth doing in the first place.

It shouldn’t take you long to remember a project where you spent a ridiculous amount of time for very little result. You may even recall instances where you did a great, and highly efficient, job – but it turned out to not have any impact, or it was cut from the project.

The Pareto Principle (more commonly known as the 80/20 rule) is based on studies by an Italian economist. It states that 20% of input leads to 80% of desired results – and conversely that 80% of resources are spent to generate 20% of the results.

The specific numbers aren’t important – the point is that you should regularly reflect on the effectiveness of what you’re doing. Effectiveness is very different from efficiency. The former is ”doing the right things”, while the latter is ”doing things the right way”.

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